At CewlWorx we offer a variety of unique tailored services to suit any individual, team or company requirements. We pride ourselves in having the flexibility to adapt to your needs and match them perfectly. Herewith a look at the services available.

Cewlworx was originally designed to offer high end consulting services to micro, small and medium enterprises without the price tag that usually goes with it. The preferred methodology of consulting is integrated approach that ensures congruence of technical, people and potential. When this is correctly used, the results have been shown to be recession proof. From time to time, smaller “plug in” solutions are required. So the list of services below can be used as a menu.

Services include :

Marketing and Sales consulting :

  • Market Analysis
  • Marketing plan
  • Marketing 101 training and mentorship
  • Product development
  • Bespoke Sales tools such as Key Account management tools
  • Success habit building such as time blocking, daily 10/4 of effective activities
  • Skills training from basic to advanced
  • Annual plan for implementation
  • Sales performance campaigns
  • Measurement and tracking tools

Leadership organisational design :

  • Assessment of leadership capability
  • Strengths and personalities assessments
  • Structure and hierarchy
  • Creation of conducive positive culture and habits in the workplace
  • Leadership coaching and training
  • A series of leadership lectures is available to be used for client’s clients as a PR or “thank you” gift
  • Self-mastery workshops and coaching – it always begins in the mind of the leader

My objective in the coaching work that I do with my clients and associates is to help them become more vigorous, elegant and powerful in the work that they do.

Often their success lies in setting a great vision for the future and working a plan to achieve daily. We use very cool tools like a large visual template, a bespoke journal and an accountability partner to guarantee great outcomes. Miracles have been known to happen.

The stories below are all from clients who have experienced unmitigated and miraculous change in their businesses, in their teams and in their lives. They have altered their reality in significant ways and have all found their own 'miracles'. We hope these stories help to inspire you, click on the button to read some of them

We offer incredible life skills and business training courses, all of which are offered to corporate clients. Only where indicated, are open classes offered. See the calendar to book.

Services Seta accreditation number :

Marketing and Sales

Marketing 101 (5 days)

Aimed at marketing, sales, media professionals who need a solid introduction into :

  • How marketing thinking works
  • How to identify markets and projects to match these markets
  • Trends in the markets and how to anticipate them
  • How to develop a marketing plan and a business case to support it
  • Measurement and tracking of marketing initiatives and campaigns
  • What CRM is and how to use it
  • Hacks and tricks to short cut learning process

Core Sales Skills (3 days)

Aimed at sales professionals who wish to learn basics or refresh robust sales skills.

  • Understanding my role as an asset to my client’s business
  • Positioning my image, body language and words for greatest impact
  • How to uncover and meet customer needs
  • How to overcome objections through aligning solutions to client issues
  • Leading clients through their problem solving or opportunity maximizing process

Advanced Sales Skills (2 days)

Aimed at sales professionals who wish to enter board room level selling.

  • How mega sales professionals think – it’s all about mindset
  • Intelligently analysing my client’s markets for their pressure points and opportunities
  • Developing insightful ideas on how to shift client’s results through my services
  • Building my confidence in how I present my ideas to individuals and groups even at the highest level in the organization
  • How scripts work and how to deliver them in a highly customized and appropriate way
  • Confidently managing the relationship through the sales cycle and beyond

Killer Prospecting (2 days)

Aimed at all sales professionals who want to boost their conversion of leads through powerful skills.

  • Why prospecting and lead generation are so hard to do
  • Creating resilience and even pleasure in doing this task
  • The mindset of the killer prospector
  • The three skill steps
  • How to research and write custom scripts – that can be reused for efficiency
  • The daily 10/4 of great habits for mega prospectors
  • The telephone as a cool tool
  • How to use time blocks and real time coaches to improve performance by more than 30%

Coaching Skills for Sales Managers (2 days)

Aimed at sales managers who understand that the success of their sales team depends on their leadership and coaching.

  • Top research shows that the best sales managers allocate 28% of their time to coaching. How to do this without losing the plot.
  • Without coaching, training is mere entertainment
  • Most training is lost within 3 months of my team attending the class
  • How coaching changes this and makes training effect sustainable
  • The core skills of the coach
  • Building confidence as a coaching and instilling trust in the process
  • How to integrate coaching into the day to day running of the business. In other words, it’s not something else to do, it is how we do things
  • Coaching in different contexts: call centres, small team, large team, remote teams and so on.

Self Mastery (2 days) (Available in a 1 day introductory format in Johannesburg as an OPEN CLASS (book now))

Aimed at anyone who wants to create a far better life through the mastery their brain and habits.

  • How we create our own reality : and it really is us
  • How the brain works and some surprising new scientific discoveries that can create hacks and short cuts to using it better
  • How Emotion is Energy in Motion which we can use to our benefit
  • The happiness habits that we need to boost our life experience: 7 principles
  • My 10 year vision of a preferable, beautiful future
  • My own vision tracker tool and how to use it
  • Resources to ensure sustainability of my path into the future

My favourite subjects to speak on and the ones I'm most passionate about revolve around self mastery, how to unleash the super hero within and becoming the most authentic version of yourself.

Fill in the form below if you'd like to find out more about becoming a certified CewlWorx System Coach, we look forward to hearing from you and will be in touch shortly.